RASA Purpose

We aim to make

RASA Mission

RASA’s Mission is investment management and participation in construction projects using the latest world technologies to reach the maximum added value in both its projects and properties.

RASA Values

  • Continuous development within company
  • Maintaining quality and engineering protocles in construction
  • Meritocracy and elitism
  • Financial and moral health at work
  • Procession, innovation and creativity
  • Responsibility and discipline
  • Protecting the employers, employees and contractors rights

RASA Vision

Becoming one of the 100 top construction companies of the world by 2026

Quality Policy

RASA is an investment, design, consult and construction company focusing on buildings, civil structures and active in production of construction materials which helps this organization to reach higher costumer and stakeholder satisfaction, constant improvement in efficiency and effectiveness specially in management section and a participation in national and international maket.

In this regard, RASA presents its Quality Policy as follow:
1- attempt to satisfy key stakeholders by determining their needs and expectations within the framework of the company’s facilities and resources.
2- Commitment and adherence to the timely delivery of projects and compensation of reported non-conforming services.
3- Attention to modern technology and industrialization in construction and production focusing on saving energy and resources, following national and international standards, laws and regulations and commitment to environmental requirements.
4- Achieving interests of the company through the identification and management of project risks, continuous improvement of management systems and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of organizational processes.
5- Honoring employees dignity as the main and most valuable resources of the company by attracting specialized and committed people, increasing the level of knowledge and skills, improving the level of employee satisfaction and keeping key employees.
6- Improving the quality of projects through evaluation and correct selection of materials and contractors and continuous monitoring of their performance.
7- Commitment to improve the safety of employees and contractors through following the latest safety principles and regulations and prevention of accidents and injuries in projects.
8- Market development through diversity of services and products and entering international markets.

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