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Carrying out construction projects including commercial, residential, industrial and governmental projects known as “Public Housing”.


Producing materials used in the process of construction and carrying out the projects


Designing the contracted construction both through the company’s design team or by partner companies.

Rasa Group

Rahavard Sazandegi Azadegan

RASA is one of the subsidiary companies of Khodkafa Holding which includes other subsidiaries like Minoo Industrial, Qasem and Chashni Companies. The company began its journey nearly 30 years ago to provide financial support for the Iran-Iraq war captives and their families. Therefore, Rasa and other companies in this holding belong to 64 thousand ex-warcaptives. In this regard, RASA aims to be a worthy representative of them by proper construction of buildings using the latest technology to have high quality outcome in the shortest amount of time. Besides, RASA always emphasizes on safety and through commitment to HSE and QC rules.

We aim to make SERENITY

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Underconstruction Projects


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Production of Construction Materials

RASA Production Units and Factories

Expanded Polystyrene

the expanded polystyrene is used in constructing buildings as an insulate against moister, sound and tempreture.


RASA produces kinds of galvanized or stainless steel fences which can be used for protection or bordering the projects.


RASA produces Joists which are famous insulates of heat and sound with smooth surface which makes the joinery process easier and more accurate.

UPVC Windows

A fantastic product that provides thermal efficiency and sound insulation and known for its efficiency and suitable price.

Metal Grids

Another important product of RASA is metal grids that are used as a bases for plastering, cementing, and keeping mortar integrated in stone works.

CO2 Electrode

CO2 Electrodes that RASA makes provide needed heat supply for melting metal or joining it in machins like welding.

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