About RASA

The result of our ideas is prosperity

RASA Construction Company

RASA is one of the subsidery companies of Khodkafa Group  and began its journey around 30 years ago   to perform the needed construction within group and participate in national and international projects. In these years, the company has had many projects in different construction fields building dams, roads, hospitals, bridges, residential units, silos, warehouses, industrial units and facilites.

Right now, RASA’s main objective is playing an active role in international market. The company is proud to have the latest knowledge, technology and techniques required to have a place in the international market. Adding to all that is the valuable human resources which are making this goal possible. RASA is now ready for and looking forward to any form of international cooperation and partnership in construction industry.

To reach it’s strategic destinations and goals and to caryy out it’s social responsibility , Rasa began cooperating with different ministries including Roads and Urban Development, Energy, Health, Treatment and Medical Education. There are also other companies like Mino Industrial, Qasem Iran and Chashni companies and other related organizations and institutions.

Board Member and CEO

Mohammad Golabkesh, Ph.D.

Mohammad Golabkesh has a long history of activity in construction companies like Jahad Nasr and has a long experience of management. He is now a member of board and CEO of RASA.

Chairman of the Board

Hamid Rezaie, Ph.D.

Vice Chairman of the Board

Abdollah Mirshekar, Ph.D.

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